Dear friend

Speaking into this misery like a dear friend I once had

Why can a woman forgive so fast while a man is asking himself why do you forgive me? 

Dear friend why do you hurt so bad

Why do you feel like there is nothing else that can be done 

When you look into his eyes upon his soul As you feel like nothing can be taken away

Why do you hurt so, while you were there even at his lowest points 

Bringing him up, dear friend why do you still stay? 

~Woman tells friend~

It’s not about the many times he’s hurt me or the many times he left

It’s about knowing that I will never find another

 The why I love him would change my life entirely if I would lose him

Knowing the feeling of loss brings tears to my eyes, even though I know he’s still close. 

Malissa 🌙


Dear diary

I haven’t wrote to you in awhileSeems life is getting better

As I feel that I needed you when I feel down is the only way I let my feelings out

Vile and avoided to be amused by threat I been treated by others 

Destroying my mind and feeling like I can’t take my mind off anything. Let’s just sit and write down what we feel 

Seems to me that’s the best way to get my point across 

Feeling like this shot we have could never go bad

Never lie or fully understand the love I have for you

Feeling consume in my world were I would die if you weren’t there

Knowing that I need you just as much as you need me 

Not wanting to tell you cuz i feel like it will all go to your head 

Then want to leave

Am I really this nieave 

Could you really walk away without telling me good bye

Malissa 🌙 


Love is confusing

I want to love you as much as I used to
Consumed and confused on why our loved died
I want to feel us be one again
Not holding any grudges and just be free with each other
I want to be able to embrace you
And make love as we never done before
Want to feel my heart pound while you kiss me good night
Seems like so long ago I felt that
Now feeling numb and not able to release this frustration out

3 in the morning

It’s 3 in the morning and it’s an hour after the club seen
Thinking of how I feen to hear your voice
Wanting to go to bed with you seems so much better then going to bed by myself
Wanting to hear your voice while I drunk dial you
While you never pick up cuz of what you did
Questioning myself if she’s still there with you
What does she have that I don’t
What does she do that I don’t
Why lay there with her while you have me
Why can’t you just tell the truth

Malissa 🌙




I’m crying out to you lord
Please come forth and show your face
I need to see i stop believing
Lord are you there
Being in a dark place surrounded by negative energy consumes our minds
Lord I have done so much wrong in my life
Acceptance is hard to come by
Accepting what is wrong
Trying to figure out a solution is the hardest
Help me lord find the right path

Malissa 🌙

Deavour so much hurt

Can you really forgive someone for what they done
I was tought to forgive for myself and not for them
What does that really mean
Forgiveness is something that is taught and time it takes
Dwelling on the past is something that will not pull you forward
Believe in finding happiness consist of forgiveness
Is it that all people have flaws, or many people make the same mistake twice
Correcting yourself on what’s right
Will help on forgiving yourself on the pain they made you feel
Never allow yourself to devour so much hurt

Malissa 🌙